Mak C.S.
Bibliographic info:
MSc. dissertation. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, 1979 124p. 39 refs. #DATE 01:01:1979 in english

Reports measurements of natural ventilation and leakage rates in two test rooms in a university building. Describes rooms and instrumentation. Gives results of pressurization tests with windows closed but not sealed, sealed, and weatherstripped. Gives results of measurements of ventilation rate using N2O as a tracer gas. Discusses the analysis of results and experimental errors. Compares measured rates with ventilation rates calculated using crackand ASHRAE methods. Concludes that draughtproofing sustantially reduces air leakage around windows and doors, that the correlation between ASHRAE method and tracer gas technique was moderate to good but that the measured values were in general higher than those estimated. An appendix describes the instrumentation used.