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A measurement of the thermal performance and air distribution of indoor sports ground using swirling flow type natural ventilation system.

Sakai K, Ishihara O, Nagano S, 1999
thermal performance | natural ventilation
Bibliographic info: 20th AIVC and Indoor Air 99 Conference "Ventilation and indoor air quality in buildings", Edinburgh, Scotland, 9-13 August 1999
Languages: English

This report describe the thermal performance and air distribution of a Kumamoto prefecturalindoor sports ground in Japan. The swirling flow type natural air ventilation system wasadopted in combination with environmental symbiotic technique, and attempts was made topositively harmonize the system with the environment. In the measurements, emphasis wasput on the identification of thermal environment and on the verification of the swirling flowtype natural air ventilation system. From the measurements, it was confirmed that, byadjusting the opening of the doors on the lower portion of the outer wall in the indoor sportsground, air flow characteristics within the sports ground can be controlled, and it is possibleto generate swirling flow without relying on mechanical force, and that confortableness isimproved on the audience seats in the swirling flow air ventilation, while comfortableness onthe sports ground is increased in the intra-ground air ventilation.

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