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Measurement, explanation and prevention of particle deposition near ceiling induction outlets

Timmer H, Zeller M, 2002
dust | indoor air quality | mechanical ventilation
Bibliographic info: Proceedings of Room Vent 2002 (8th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms) - 8-11 september 2002 - Moltke's palace, Copenhagen - Denmark - pp 333-336, 8 fig., 7 ref.
Languages: English

The deposit of particles on ceilings close to ventilation outlets is mainly caused by the features of mixed ventilation, turbulence and induction. This study aims at solving that annoying problem of particle deposition, for the ventilation industry. The development of a clean outlet is eased thanks to a new experimental approach using an optical technique (in so far as the experimental technique and the CFD calculations are too inefficient). Finally an individual solution is proposed : The zones of high turbulence must be positioned at an adequate distance from the ceiling and the induction of room air.

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