Grot R.A.
Bibliographic info:
In "Building Air Change Rate and Infiltration Measurements" Proceedings ASTM Conference, Gaithersburg 13 March 1978 C.M.Hunt J.C.King H.R.Trechsel eds. ASTM 1980 p.50-59 AIC. National Bureau of Standards report no. NBSIR 79-1728

Presents method for collecting air infiltration data in a large sample of dwellings. The method consists of a tracer gas dilution technique using sulphur hexafluoride and employing air sample bags which are analyzed in a central laboratory. Themethod is easy to perform and inexpensive and will be used in approximately 300 dwellings on 16 sites to give air exchange rates under typical heating season conditions. Presents preliminary data on air infiltration rates in low-income housing in Portland, Maine.