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Federal Materials Testing and Research Institute (EMPA) April 1981 EMPA nr 39 400/c. Summary #DATE 01:04:1981 in German

Provides a summary of Report IIIc of the overall research project `air change in buildings' undertaken by the EMPA, Switzerland, sponsored by the Swiss Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection. Describes a measurement programme undertaken in an unoccupied single family house built in 1979. Points out that the previous investigations into air exchange in buildings could not be undertaken over a long enough period to compile accurate data on the connection between air exchange and climate conditions, including the dependence of air exchange on weather, the development of a method of calculating air exchange in buildings, the effect of part open windows on air exchange in buildings and ventilation heat losses compared with the totalenergy losses of the building. Provides the results of long-term measurements in tables and graphs and provides conclusions.