Yamamoto, K.; Nakamura, M.
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The 6th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation & Energy Conservation in Buildings IAQVEC 2007, Oct. 28 - 31 2007, Sendai, Japan

The Shinjuku Park Tower building is a large building complex built in Tokyo in1993 that includes officespace, a shopping zone, and a hotel. It has 52 floors and a total building size of 2.84 million square feet.The owner of this building acquired ISO 14001 certification and needs to execute an energyconservation program.Over the course of five years, the owner has applied several energy conservation programs that haveresulted in greatly improved HVAC efficiency and operations.Energy consumption is related to IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) condition in a building, so it is important toconfirm the IAQ condition when we conduct energy conservation measures.This presentation will focus on a case study of the Shinjuku Park Tower building. This case study willreview the energy conservation programs of the HVAC system: the air handling units and controlsystem.