Ahonen A, Loikkanen P
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Research Report No 246, Espoo, Finland: Technical Research Centre of Finland, 1984. 52p. 17 figs, 13 tabs, 12 refs. #DATE 00:01:1984 in English

A pilot test series has been performed to study the possibility of using carbon dioxide produced by the burners of a test furnace as a tracer gas to measure the fire gas leakage of door assemblies. The experiments show that a test method based on tracer gas techniques can be developed avoiding thedrawbacks of the proposed ISO test method DP 5925 Part 3 based on the use of an enclosure. The investigated method works well for leakage measurements in ambient and medium temperature ranges. A special test door suitable for theoretical estimation of leakage rates was used in the test. The agreement between the experimental and theoretical results is satisfactory.