Grimsrud D.T. Sherman M.H. Janssen J.E. Pearman A.N. Harrje D.T.
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Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. University of California paper LBL-8394 2 figs =ASHRAE trans. 1980. vol 86 no 1.

Reviews ideal characteristics of a tracer gas and gives literature review of the subject. Reports tests made on a house in California giving a direct intercomparison between common tracer gases used to measure air infiltration rates in buildings. Results indicate that air exchange rates measured using sulphur hexafluoride are slightly larger than thosemeasured using methane or nitrous oxide. The ratio of air change rates measured using sulphur hexafluoride to air change rates measured concurrently using a lighter tracer gas was found to be 1.10 +/- 0.10