Sharpe T R, Porteous C D A, MacGregor W J K
Bibliographic info:
UK, James & James Ltd, 1988, proceedings of "Environmentally friendly cities", PLEA 98 (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) conference, held Lisbon, Portugal, June 1998, pp 287-290

This paper will describe a proposal to upgrade a thermally sub-standard multi-storey housing block (Type T84), where height and climatic exposure are significant, to demonstrate the effectiveness of passive, active and hybrid solar techniques to minimise space and water heating loads while enhancing the quality of air in both shared and private spaces. Proposals include large-scale freeze tolerant SDHW array, multi-storey, part-glazed, part opaque, permeable solar air collectors delivering pre-warmed air to a north-facing cavity wall, small window-integrated, east/west facing vertical solar air collectors and glazed-in east/west facing recessed balconies, and heat recovery from the extract system for kitchens and bathrooms.