Tianfu Deng, Quan Zhang, Guoqiang Zhang
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

The moving human (MH) influences the airflow and contaminant distribution, this paper use the commerce software FLUENT6.2 to simulate the influences of the MH to the airflow and TVOCs distribution in both mixing ventilation and placement ventilation. In a three-dimension ventilation room, a pollutant source (TVOCs) was located on the floor and a flesh in a certain zone moving was assumed,  and the unsteady, k-ξ turbulent model be used, According to the simulation results, we studied the influence of MH in the indoor air quality in both mixing ventilation and displacement ventilation. The results of contaminant distribution have a MH or not in two difference ventilations were compared, the results indicate that the single MH’s influence is not obvious all of space, but in the moving zone, there were some difference with have MH or not in two different ventilations. The MH made the high TVOCs concentration at the bottom of room diffused to the low TVOCs concentration at the top of room with a displacement ventilation, which made the layered of contaminant lifted up, and the TVOCs distribution more uniformity at the bottom of the room with mixing ventilation. At the same time, the influence in mixing ventilation is larger than in placement ventilation. And the influence is not disappeared in a short time in both deferent ventilations.