Impact of staff posture on airborne particle distribution in an operating theatre equipped with ultraclean-zoned ventilation

Airborne particles released from surgical team members are major sources of surgical site infections (SSIs). To reduce SSI risk, ultraclean-zoned ventilation (UZV) systems have been widely applied, supplementary to the main operating theatre (OT) ventilation. Usually, OT ventilation performance is determined without considering the influence of staff-member posture and movements. Whether the surgeon’s posture during surgery influences particle distribution within the surgical area is not well analysed and documented.

The influences of moving human in a ventilation room

The moving human (MH) influences the airflow and contaminant distribution, this paper use the commerce software FLUENT6.2 to simulate the influences of the MH to the airflow and TVOCs distribution in both mixing ventilation and placement ventilation. In a three-dimension ventilation room, a pollutant source (TVOCs) was located on the floor and a flesh in a certain zone moving was assumed,  and the unsteady, k-ξ turbulent model be used, According to the simulation results, we studied the influence of MH in the indoor air quality in both mixing ventilation and displacement ventilation.

Protection of non smoking persons against cigarette smoke by airflow.

The protection of non-smoking persons against cigarette smoke is a very popular subject. In Germany the ,pro' and , contra' of non-smoking regulations especially in public accessible areas like restaurants, train stations or in governmental buildings is discussed in a more and more controversial way. Especially the discussion about passive smoking and negative health effects through passive smoking lead to the demand of an effective protection of nonsmokers.