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The influence of personality, measured by the Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP), on symptoms among subjects in suspected sick buildings.

Runeson R., Norbâck D., Klinteberg B., Edling C., 2004
health | indoor air quality | sick building syndrome
Bibliographic info: Indoor Air , Vol. 14, N° 6, December 2004, pp 394-404; 5 Tab., 50 Ref.
Languages: English

That research is based on the assumption that there are differences among normal subjects as to their vulnerability to stress-related symptoms to health/illnessThe study aims at increasing the understanding of SBS complaints in relation to personality factors.A relationship between personality characteristics and health-related behaviors, and between personality characteristics and perceived health is demonstrated. The main findings were significant associations between anxiety and indirect aggression with ocular, nasal , throat and dermal symptoms, as well as headache and tiredness.The results of that study support the hypothesis that personality plays a role in the individual response to indoor exposures and environmental stressors.

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