Pham Q.T. Oliver D.W.
Bibliographic info:
Preprint, Meat Institute of New Zealand 16th Internat.Cong.Refrig. Paris France 1983 6pp. 5 figs. 3 tabs. 14 refs. #DATE 01:01:1983 in English

Measures air exchange across open cold store doors using an anemometer and by tracer decay methods. Anemometer results show that an empirical factor of 0.68 should be applied to the predictive equation by Tamm. Observes a further reduction in air change rate (about 47% reduction) due to imperfect mixing of the air. Air curtains reduce infiltration by about 75-80% and plastic curtains by approx. 93%. Forklift traffic and internal circulation fans also affect air change rate. The relationship between air change and energy consumption is often complex and depends on how infiltrating air is cooled.