Haiyan Yan, Liu Yang
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8th Windsor Conference, 10-13 April, 2014, Windsor UK

In order to research the indoor thermal conditions and residential thermal comfort in low-pressure plateau climate, a field study was conducted from December 2007 to February 2008 of 20 residential buildings in Lhasa. A total of 44 participants provided 356 sets of physical measurements together with subjective questionnaires that were used to collect the data. By linear regression analysis of responses based on the ASHRAE seven-point thermal sensation scale, the neutral air temperature of the total samples based on thermal sensation was 19.3℃. According to the Probit regression analysis, the lower limit of acceptable air temperature of 80% Lhasa occupants was 13.3℃. The results revealed that Lhasa occupants have adapted to the typical natural environment from physiologically, psychologically, and behaviorally.