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Indoor environmental quality performance of a radiant-type ventless kerosene heater - pilot study in a single family residence.

Maki H.T. Woods J.E. Balvanz J.L. Crawford R.R., 1983
indoor air quality | nitrogen oxides | pollutant
Bibliographic info: Iowa State University Report ISU-ERI-Ames-84154 Dec.1983
Languages: English

Describes tests made in a single-family house to examine the overall effects of the kerosene heater in situ. Results indicate that in a tight house, maximum NOx concentrations can be higher than the ASHRAE and EPA air quality standards for continuous NO2 exposure and can approach the ASHRAE standard for24 hr exposure of NO. In some cases the NOx concentrations could be reduced to below the standard NO2 values by opening a window. Results show that average 24-hr NOx concentrations approach the standard NO2 value in a tight house when the heater is operated for 6.2 hrs.

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