Valbjorn O. Nielsen P.A. Kjaer J.
Bibliographic info:
In "Building Energy Management", J.E.Woods, A.P.Faist (eds.) Proceedings, International Congress Povoa de Varzim 12-16 May 1981

Reports survey of indoor climate problems in dwellings. Questionnaires were distributed to 424 families who had complained of indoor climate problems and 240 replies were received. The questionnaires dealt with complaints relating to the dwellings and the age, profession, health and smoking habits of theoccupants. The dwellings are described by type, age, material of outer and interior walls, ceiling and floor. There are questions on ventilating habits, cleaning habits and occupants' views on dust, noise, odour, temperature, humidity and draughts. Gives results of survey and discusses the incidence of dry upper airways, headaches and eye irritation.