Brunsell J T
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16th AIVC Conference "Implementing the results of ventilation research", Palm Springs, USA, 18-22 September 1995

Dynamic insulation has been used in non domestic buildings for 20- 30 years in order to reduce the heat loss and to bring preheated air into the buildings. Dynamic insulation means a construction where the air is being forced through the insulation, usually from the colder outside air into the heated building. The Norwegian Building Research Institute has been engaged to evaluate 12 row houses, with dynamic insulation used in the roof, which has been built in the Oslo area. 4 of the houses were monitored over a period of time. In two of the houses the thermal performance were monitored when the houses were new. In the other two the indoor air quality, the ventilation performance etc. were measured after two years of occupation. The paper presents the results from these measurements. The main conclusion from the work is that dynamic insulation gives a good indoor climate with less conduction heat loss than an ordinary construction with the same thickness of insulation.