Sekhar S.C., Tham K.W, Cheong K.W
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air 2003, Vol 13, pp 315-331,17 Fig., 7 Tab., 36 Ref.

This paper presents the results of an indoor air quality-energy audit made in five air-conditioned office buildings in Singapore. Data are presented from both objective and subjective measurements.It appears that on the one hand BSI (Building Symptom Index) values are in correlation with IAQ and thermal comfort acceptability but on the other hand, no significant correlation exists between BSI (Building Symptom Index) and IPSI (Indoor Pollutant Standard Index). It implies that the occupants' perception of symptoms experienced as well as environmental acceptability is quite different from IAQ acceptability determined from empirical measurements of indoor pollutants : the complex nature of IAQ issues is thus reinforced.