Eusébio Z. E. Conceição, Mª. Manuela J. R. Lúcio and Hazim B. Awbi
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8th Windsor Conference, 10-13 April, 2014, Windsor UK

In this work is analyzed the improvement of comfort conditions using confluent jets ventilation located near the floor level in front to the occupants in an experimental chamber. In this study are evaluated the thermal comfort, the local thermal discomfort and the air quality levels. The thermal comfort level is evaluated using the multi-nodal human thermal comfort numerical model, while the local thermal discomfort and the air quality levels are evaluated by the computational fluid dynamics numerical model. In the numerical simulation, made without and with occupation, are used one virtual chamber, two virtual thermal manikins, one virtual desk, two virtual seats and one virtual duct. The inlet confluent jets ventilation, built in a duct with a length of 1.3 m and a diameter of 0.125 m, has 49 holes with 5 mm diameter separated 25 mm among them. The outlet, with 0.25 m diameter, is placed near the ceiling level in the right side wall.