Bahadori M N
Bibliographic info:
Solar Energy, 1985, Vol 35, No 2, p119-129. 7 figs, 1 tab, 11 refs.

A design is proposed to improve the performance of wind towers (or Baud-Geers) for natural ventilation and passive cooling. Under similar climatological and design conditions, the new design is capable of delivering air to the building at higher flow rates. It can also cool the air evaporatively to lower temperatures. Higher airflow rates and the evaporative cooling capability of the new Baud-Geer design can be fully utilized at night in summer to cool the building mass to lower temperatures. Momentum, mass and energy analyses are carried out for the proposed design. The results are presented in graphical forms which may be used as guidelines for employing the design for specific applications in the hot, arid areas of the world. An example is worked out to show the use of the results.