P. Wouters, C. Delmotte, N. Heijmans, P. Van den Bossche, F. Dobbels, F.
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2nd European Blower Door Symposium, March 2007

Building airtightness is not a new topic of interest. Already in the seventies of the lastcentury, intense work was done regarding building airtightness in the Nordiccountries. In the Air Information Review of August 1980 (ref. 1) (figure 1), an articleentitled Build tight ventilate right already very well described the challenges.Also in 1980, the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) published a guideentitled Air Infiltration Control in Housing A Guide to International Practice. Thisguide, primarily based on Swedish experience, described very well the variousaspects of building airtightness.