Baolong Wang, Wenxing Shi, Quan Chen
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

Definition of heating/cooling capacity ratio (HCR) of the heat pump air conditioner has been put forward in  this study, and the relationship between supply HCR (HCRS) and demand HCR (HCRD) has been illustrated. Based on the simulated hourly loads of a typical residential building in Haerbin, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen faced to different directions and with different air conditioner running schedules along with the performance of the heat pump air conditioner under varied conditions, the demand heating capacity, cooling capacity and HCRD in different climate subareas have been ascertained. Secondly, a simulation model was built to study the effect of different physical parameters, include the parameters of the indoor heat exchanger, outdoor heat exchanger and compressor, on HCRs of the conventional fixed speed heat pump system to research the possibility to match the HCRD and HCRs in China.