Orme M., Leksmono N.
Languages: English | Pages: 80 pp
Bibliographic info:
AIVC Guide 5, 2002, 80 pp

The Ventilation Modelling Data Guide of the AIVC replaces the old Technical Note 44 (1994) which was mainly focused on leakage and wind pressure data presented in tables. The new approach is an interactive database available on CD-Rom. The guide itself has the same layout than the other AIVC publications but is provided with hyperlinks to about 300 different documents stored on the CD (245 MB of information).

The items presented in the ventilation Modelling Data Guide are:

  • occupant related information from about 15 countries;
  • pollutant data guides the reader to sources of pollutants for different types of buildings;
  • meteorological data from several climates and different approaches are described;
  • modelling information including description and evaluation of 16 models and 10 evaluation datasets;
  • building related input data in order to configure ventilation models;
  • and ventilation provisions.

Moreover there is information which guides the reader. Parts of the ventilation guide and the modelling technical notes are included for explanation and or reference. The Ventilation Modelling Data Guide is really the beginning of a new way to find and use data for modelling. A quick search in the content may convince any  user to look further and the result will be a lot of useful information made available in a user friendly way.