Marchal D, Vialle P J
Bibliographic info:
Sweden, Stockholm, KTH Building Services Engineering, 1998, proceedings of Roomvent 98: 6th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, held June 14-17 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, edited by Elisabeth Mundt and Tor-Goran Malmstrom, Volume 2

The study of the flow in a room cooled by a fan-coil pointed out how the form of air flow and comfort could be influenced by the characteristics of the cold jet blowing out. It is based both on practical experiment and on numerical simulation using CFD code. Combining these methods allowed a large number of configurations to be studied, in association with different conditions for the appliance. Using the results in combination enabled a relation to be established between the problem data, the device characteristics and the comfort conditions obtained. A simple rule was derived from this, which can be used in air-conditioning premises, in order to make the right choice or scaling of the air-conditioning appliance depending on its conditions of use.