Adam N M, Riffat S B
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14th AIVC Conference "Energy Impact of Ventilation and Air Infiltration", Copenhagen, Denmark, 21-23 September 1993

The first part of this paper describes a detailed study of the flow of aerosol particles through large openings and the second part describes deposition characteristics of aerosol particles in a single-zone chamber lined with different types of materials, e.g. aluminium foil and carpet. Tracer-gas and aerosol particles were injected into a naturally ventilated room and their concentrations with time were monitored. The room was fitted with a number of windows which allowed examination of single-sided ventilation. The behaviour of particles within the zone with respect to mixing, age-of-particles and particle effectiveness was also examined. The deposition rate of particles was found to be dependent on the type of lining material and size of particles used. Results indicated that particle exchange rates were higher than tracer-gas exchange rates.