Michael Gruner and Matthias Haase
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33rd AIVC Conference " Optimising Ventilative Cooling and Airtightness for [Nearly] Zero-Energy Buildings, IAQ and Comfort", Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-11 October 2012

The work evaluates the applicability of façade-integrated ventilation systems in a Nordic climate. For this purpose the state of the art of façade-integrated ventilation (FIV) and demands for ventilation system in Norway and criteria for an comprehensive evaluation are identified. In this framework agreements between national requirements and system-specific performance are assessed. The evaluation investigates indoor environment and comfort with focus on aspects of indoor air quality. Energy efficiency and emission efficiency are evaluated by comparison with a centralised ventilation system.
The used tools in this work include “ESP-r”, “Simien” for dynamic simulation of building performance and energy performance
The results of the evaluation show that current systems do not comply with all requirements of the Norwegian building code and related regulations. Some aspects need adaptation to local requirements. However, good performance and many possibilities can be expected in other fields e.g. indoor environmental comfort and user satisfaction since advanced principles are exploited.
The technology has an enormous potential. It might be an alternative if there is demand for high expectations on indoor environment and conventional ventilation systems are not applicable.
The technological limits of façade-integrated ventilation are not reached yet. Possibilities of further development of the concept itself and related technologies are outlined in the work