Harrje D T, Bohac D L, Feuermann D
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9th AIVC Conference "Effective ventilation" Gent, Belgium, 12-15 September 1988

More than two months of detailed test data have been gathered using modified constant concentration tracer gas techniques for a six-storey, 60 apartment, multi-family building. Weather, and interior conditions in the building were part of the data set. Because of occupant effects, large changes in air exchange rates were observed, often over short time period. The test apartment allowed us to evaluate the influences of weather alone with the added feature to employ controlled window openings. Detailed air exchange information in the test apartment, those apartments above and below, and those on either side are presented. These same zones were also measured independently by perfluorocarbon tracer methods. Comparisons are made between the information obtained by the two methods and it is pointed out how themethods complement each other.