Castanet S, Menezo C, Meslem A, Inard C
Bibliographic info:
Sweden, Stockholm, KTH Building Services Engineering, 1998, proceedings of Roomvent 98: 6th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, held June 14-17 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, edited by Elisabeth Mundt and Tor-Goran Malmstrom, Volume 2

In order to assess ventilation systems, ventilation and thermal comfort parameters are calculated. Parameters are temperature and ventilation efficiency and PMV I PPD. Two ventilation configurations are set: the supply grille is under the ceiling and tests are performed for 2 exhaust positions. Both are opposite the ceiling: the first one is under the ceiling and the second one is on the floor. In regards with extract position, the ventilation system is better when extract is on the floor. It appears that the air renewal does not influence neither ventilation nor temperature efficiency. Concerning thermal comfort, generally, the thermal feeling remains the same and is good except when the air supply is low and cold. In this case, the jet reaches the occupied zone resulting in a slight feeling of cool.