Nakano J, Hasebe R, Kim J, Narita C, et al
Bibliographic info:
USA, Washington DC, Healthy Buildings/IAQ '97, 1997, proceedings of a conference held Bethesda MD, USA, September 27 - October 2, 1997, Volume 2, pp 119-124

Thermal performance of the floor-supply displacement ventilation system was evaluated in a large climatic chamber designed to simulate a single span of an office building. Detailed measurements were conducted to determine the indoor environment and skin temperature of a thermal manikin Temperature gradient in the room could be kept smaller, compared to conventional wall-supply unit displacement ventilation system, owing to the floor cooling effect of the floor-supply system. Altering the supply air volume, the amount of heat load, and the position of heat sources showed a great influence on vertical temperature difference. Special care would be required to maintain the thermal, stratification in a perimeter zone with cold or warm windows.