Renato M. Lazzarin, Francesco Castellotti, Filippo Busato
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Climamed 2005 - 2nd Mediterranean Congress of Climatization, February 2005, Madrid, Sapin

The new wards of the S. Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza (Italy) are air-conditioned by a mixed systems of radiant panels and primary air. The sensible load is covered by light radiant ceiling panels, whereas the fresh air controls the latent one.An ambient of the ward was suitably equipped with sensors and data logger so to evaluate the achieved level of comfort.All the room variables which influence the condition of thermal comfort (air temperature, humidity and velocity and mean radiant temperature), as well as the ceiling temperatures were logged, both in heating and cooling operation.Besides of the calculation of the achieved level of thermal comfort in terms of Predicted Mean Vote, the thermal conductances of the panels were determined and the sizing of the system was checked solving the detailed thermal balance of each surface.