Merriam R.L. Rancatore R.J.
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EPRI EA-2575 Final Report September 1982 #DATE 01:09:1982 in English

Carries out a review and evaluation of residential building energy analysis programs in 6 steps - 1. Survey of the experience and needs of electric and gas utilities in residential building energy analysis 2. Identification of currently available programs for residential energy use analysis 3. Examination and summary of intended capabilities of 10 programs 4. In depth analysis of the engineering bases of 5 programs (DOE 2.1, ENCORE-CANADA, HEAP, REAP and TRYNSIS) 5. Tests of these 5 programs 6. Establishing the strengths and limitations of the programs.< Includes a summary of the history of the development of the various programs and presents a discussion of the various thermal load algorithms commonly employed.