Katrien Maroy, Nathan Van Den Bossche, Marijke Steenman
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9th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 8-9 May 2015 Kassel, Germany

Purpose of the work

Is it possible to estimate an air infiltration flow rate, based on infrared images?

Method of approach

Laboratory tests and numerical simulations

Content of the presentation

This paper discusses laboratory measurements on a small test house. IRT measurements and (de)pressurization tests were performed on different types of junctions, e.g. at the window-wall interface. The results were analysed by calculating the temperature factor, to compare IRT images from different joints.

Complementary, numerical simulations were performed to examine the influence of the air flows and air leak widths on the surface temperatures, and to evaluate the impact of measurement uncertainty.

Results and assessment

Through laboratory measurements and analysis, it was shown whether it is possible to link an IRT image of an air infiltration spot to a measured air flow. The width and the configuration of the joint was also taken in account when analyzing the measurements.

The simulations resulted in an overview of parameters to be taken in account when performing IRT to detect and estimate air flow rates of junctions.


This paper elaborates on the possibility to derive a correlation between measurement of IRT surface temperatures and air flow rates obtained with pressurization tests, while taken in account the width of an air leak.


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