Walton G N
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the use of computers for environmental engineering related to buildings, Bath, 7-9 July 1986, CIBSE 1986, p336-346, 6 figs, 1 tab, 13 refs.

Development of infiltration and interroom airflow calculation methods, driven by a concern for indoor air quality have led to a computer simulation of interroom contaminant movement. The model, which assumes fully mixed room air, shows that open doorways provide rapid mixing between rooms in buildings using forced air heating. It also confirms that it is most energy efficient to remove the contaminant nearest its source. Detailed modeling of the variations in contaminant concentration within a room is not presently feasible for long term energy analysis simulations. The need for computer modeling is demonstrated by the subtle behaviour of a very simple system which removes contaminants by forced ventilation.