Verhagen J W
Bibliographic info:
France, International Energy Agency, proceedings of a conference held Dortmund, Germany, 7-9 April 1992, pp 143-154, 7 figs #DATE 00:04:1992 in English

In the period 1980-1987 Rotterdam carried out an energy saving programme for municipal buildings in the non-profit sector (hospitals, schools, offices, libraries, etc). The target of this programme was to save energy with a yearly balance between costs and benefits. In 1987 this programme resulted in aninvestment of F.42,000.000,--. The energy consumption was reduced with 16.000.000m3 gas. After 1987 the energy consumption slowly grew to the situation of 1980. In 1989 Rotterdam started with the introduction of energy management. For schools and some theatres the energy managers use automatic control system.