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Energy efficient housing: a prairie approach.

Energy Research Development Group, 1980
building design | construction detail | heat loss | house | insulation | retrofit | shutter | vapour barrier
Bibliographic info: Energy Research Development Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan 31p. 30 figs. October 1980 #DATE 01:10:1980 in English
Languages: English

This is a practical handbook for constructing an energy efficient house. Describes energy conservation measures for the reduction of space heating in an average house on the Prairies. Describes conservation measures for a new house which include the improvement of air tightness, insulation, passive solar gainand insulation of window systems. Also describes refitting an older house, reducing energy used to heat water and reducing electricity consumption. Gives a short list of sources of information. NOTES This is an updatedversion of the "Low energy passive solar handbook" abstract no.343.

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