Rieben S.
Bibliographic info:
Schweiz.Bl.Heiz.Luft. 1982, vol.9, no.6, 16-18, 6 tabs. #DATE 01:01:1982, in French,

Summarises in tables the energy consumptions of a block of flats and a single house demonstrating how the share of energy consumed for fresh air heating and domestic hot water supply increases significantly in line with improved thermal insulation. Provides further examples of energy consumption for an air conditioned hospital and office building demonstrating that progressing from simple space heating to ventilation with the consequent need to heat the fresh air supply can increase the heat demand by a factor of more than 3, while progressing from ventilation to air conditioning increases this demand by only 6 to 12%. Stresses the need for exhaust air heat recovery to preheat the incoming fresh air, which provides the greatest saving of energy for ventilation and air conditioning systems.