Freeman J. Gale R. Sandberg M.
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3rd AIVC Conference "Energy efficient domestic ventilation systems for achieving acceptable indoor air quality" London, UK, 20-23 September 1982

Uses the SEGAS "Autovent" constant concentration apparatus to measure the fresh air entering and the local ventilation rate in each cell of amulti-celled dwelling with both natural and mechanical extract ventilation. Measures fresh air entry into each cell using tracer gas constant concentration and decay techniques. Conducts decay tests without artificial mixing, and interprets them by computing the area under the decay curve to obtain local ventilation rates. Compares the 2 measurements, giving the ventilation efficiency of each cell and an idea of air quality in each room of the house. Traces the pathways of air movement around the house by injectingan amount of tracer gas into one room and following the transfer to all other rooms of the house.