Z. Bako-Biro, P. Wargocki, C.J. Weschler, P.O. Fanger
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air 2004, Vol 14, pp 178-187, pp 178-187, 3 Fig., 4 Tab., 43 Ref.

The study was carried out on 30 female subjects exposed in a low-polluting office in either presence or absence of personal computers that had been in service for 3 months. Under each of the two conditions, the persons performed simulated office work using low-polluting PCs. They were found to be strong indoor pollution sources, having a negative impact on perceived air quality, on performance of office work and on some SBS symptoms. The chemical compounds identified were insufficient in concentration and kind to explain the negative effects on humans during exposure to PC emissions: human senses are much more sensitive than the chemical methods usually used in indoor air quality investigations.