Cheol-woong Shin, Hyung-Jun Kim, Jun-seok Park
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31st AIVC Conference " Low Energy and Sustainable Ventilation Technologies for Green Buildings", Seoul, Korea, 26-28 October 2010

This study analyzed the effect of intermittent operation of ventilation system on changes of indoor air pollutants' levels through field measurements. The changes of indoor air pollutants' levels, such as, CO2, PM10, TVOCs, and HCHO were monitored during 24 hours at each ventilation condition. One group was the operation time: 2 hours, 8hours, and 24 hours. The other group was the changes of start time of ventilation, before noon, after noon, and night, while the ventilation was operated only two hours. From these results, it was found that the operation time of ventilation significantly affects the levels of pollutants. However, the start time of ventilation did not showed the significant differences between conditions, because of time variations of sources of pollutants. From these results, it is suggested that rational strategy for operation of ventilation system will be developed for indoor air quality and energy savings in the apartments.