Berglund B, Brunekreef B, et al
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EUR 13593 - European Collaborative Action Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Man (formerly Cost Project 613) - Environment and Quality of Life

The report contains a summary discussion of human health effects linked to indoor air pollution (IAP) in homes and other non-industrial indoor environments. Rather than discussing the health effects of the main different pollutants which can be found in indoor air, the approach has been to group broad categories of adverse health effects in separate chapters, and describe the relevant indoor exposures which may give rise to these health effects. The following groups of effects have been considered: effects on the respiratory system; allergy and other effects on the immune system; cancer and effects on reproduction; effects on the skin and mucous membranes in the eyes, nose and throat; sensory effects and other effects on the nervous system: effects on the cardiovascular system; systemic effects on the liver, kidney and gastro-intestinal system. For each of these groups effects associated with IAP, the principal agents and sources, evidence linking IAP to the effect(s), susceptible groups, the public health relevance, methods for assessment, and major research needs are briefly discussed.