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Double skin façades – cavity and exterior openings dimensions for saving energy on Mediterranean climate

Mauricio Torres, Pere Alavedra, Amado Guzmán, Eva Cuerva, Carla Planas, Raquel Clemente, Vanessa Escalona, 2007
building simulation | double skin façade | energy efficiency | Cooling loads | energy saving.
Bibliographic info: Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China
Languages: English

Taking into account Mediterranean climate particularities for Barcelona, Spain, a whole year study using TAS simulation software was carried out for a Double Skin Façade corporative office building. It is a typical office building with an extended working hours schedule for acclimatization. Four different cavity widths were simulated – 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm - as well as three different external opening areas for cavity’s natural ventilation purpose. Two Double Skin Façade typologies were simulated – a corridor façade and a multistory façade. Simulations showed cooling loads are much greater than heating loads on a double glazed skin façade building south oriented in a Mediterranean climate town like Barcelona. Results demonstrated that a Multistory Façade, depending on its configuration, might save up to 5% on annual cooling loads respect to a Corridor Façade. Different opening areas and cavity depths shall be used for different typologies in order to obtaining good energy results.

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