P.V.Dorizas, M-N. Assimakopoulos, C. Helmis, M.Santamouris, J.Sifnaios, K.Stathi
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Proceedings of the 34th AIVC - 3rd TightVent - 2nd Cool Roofs' - 1st venticool Conference , 25-26 September, Athens 2013

There is little knowledge on if and how indoor environmental quality influences students’ attendance and productivity. However, this issue has been of growing interest the recent years in the scientific community and results are showing that student learning performance is significantly affected by indoor environmental quality factors. In the present study the learning performance is examined through numerical test scores achieved by primary school students in their classrooms. The assessment of indoor environmental quality parameters such as thermal, visual, acoustic and air quality and the evaluation of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) symptoms was conducted through questionnaires handed out to the same sample of students. Main objective of this paper is to investigate whether the degradation of the indoor environmental quality can impact the overall performance of students.