Carruthers J.F.S.
Bibliographic info:
Proc."Windows in building design and maintenance" Goteborg Sweden 13-15 June 1984 p.171-176 4 tabs. 14 refs. #DATE 13:06:1984 in English

Traces the development in the UK of performance based standards for windows from the original British Standard Draft for Development 4 issued in 1971, through the UEAtc MOAT No1 isued in 1974, to the recent BS No 6375 Part 1 1983. The original three attributes of wind resistance, air permeability andwatertightness have been gradually developed. Test methodology has been refined, and for weathertightness levels of performance have been identified to reflect various categories of use. Considers various approaches to the future development of performance based standards for windows and evolves a format to provide a realistic compromise between the needs of designers and manufacturers. Suggests that priority should now be given to the classification and assessment of aspects of durability.