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Development and field test of a demand guided coordination of heating and ventilation control systems in reconstructed blocks of flats.

Lauckner G, Kunze J, Klinger M, Riedel M, et al, 2001
air change rate | apartment building | building controls
Bibliographic info: Italy, Milan, AICARR, 2001, proceedings of the 7th REHVA World Congress and Clima 2000 Naples 2001 Conference, held Naples, Italy, 15-18 September 2001, paper on CD.
Languages: English

Intelligent coordination of the thermodynamical and air ventilation processes can achieve the necessary compromise between comfort demands, necessary air exchange and low heating costs. A new user demand guided field bus based coordination of single room control and air change rate control is developed and tested for a commercial building automation system. A reconstructed block of 65 flats was used in the field test to show that the control strategy ensures the necessary air exchange in an energy-efficient manner.

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