Nouwynck J
Bibliographic info:
Belgium, Proceedings of Clima 2000 Conference, held Brussels, August 30th to September 2nd 1997, paper 6

The draft of the European prestandard 17 52, entitled "Ventilation for buildings – Design criteria for the indoor environment" is intended to be a flexible tool for assisting the designer in providing a proper indoor environment for people in ventilated buildings. It specifies how the quality of the indoor environment, comprising the thermal environment, the air quality and the acoustic environment can be expressed. In an informative annex to the standard, the "decipol" unit is proposed for the characterisation of perceived air quality, the emission of each pollution source being expressed by the 11 olf' unit. The paper will describe one of the first (or the very first ?) test of application of the IAQ (indoor air quality) part of the standard to the design of a building, in this case the third European School in Brussels (2.500 pupils).