Sterling E M, Coady T, Cook J, Shymko G, Newburt K, Cordonier J
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16th AIVC Conference "Implementing the results of ventilation research", Palm Springs, USA, 18-22 September 1995

The C-2000 program for advances commercial buildings is an awards program to assist in the development of energy efficient and sustainable building technologies and design in Canada. The objectives of the C-2000 program are to develop energy efficient buildings using sustainable materials and technologies. The buildings must provide a high level of occupant comfort. The technology must be transferable to the current building industry and must meet market constraints. This paper presents a case study of the design and development of two C-2000 office buildings, in which innovative energy efficient ventilation strategies were implemented. The buildings are located in the Pacific Northwest in British Columbia and are projected to use between 30% - 50% of the energy used by a base building, performing to the ASHRAE/IES 90.1 Standards.