Van Dongen J.E.F.
Languages: English | Pages: 38 pp
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AIVC Contributed Report 08, 2007, 38 pp

This report has been produced in the framework of the EU RESHYVENT project (Cluster Project on Demand Controlled Hybrid Ventilation in Residential Buildings with Specific Emphasis on the Integration of Renewables).
This report deals with the issue of occupancy behaviour and acceptance, with a very important aspect for the introduction of new advanced technologies, especially in the residential sector. This is especially the case for demand controlled ventilation. How much shall the occupant be able to influence the ventilation? Health aspects have to be taken into account, which the user might not always be able to judge.
This working document gives information on how occupants use different ventilation provisions and systems, why they ventilate as they do and which moderating factors play a role.
Further special attention is paid to promoting and restraining factors for acceptance of new ventilation devices. The method used is a study of literature.