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CR 04: Contrasting the capabilities of building energy performance simulation programs

Crawley D. B. , Hand J. W. ,Kummert M. , Griffith B. T. , 2006
Bibliographic info: AIVC Contributed Report 4, 2006, 68 pp
Languages: English Pages (count): 68

For the past 50 years, a wide variety of building energy simulation programs have been developed, enhanced, and are in use throughout the building energy community. This report provides an up-to-date comparison of the features and capabilities of twenty major building energy simulation programs: BLAST, BSim, DeST, DOE-2.1E, ECOTECT, Ener-Win, Energy Express, Energy-10, EnergyPlus, eQUEST, ESP-r, IDA ICE, IES <VE>, HAP, HEED, PowerDomus, SUNREL, Tas, TRACE and TRNSYS. This comparison is based on information provided by the program developers in the following categories: general modeling features; zone loads; building envelope, daylighting and solar; infiltration, ventilation and multizone airflow; renewable energy systems; electrical systems and equipment; HVAC systems; HVAC equipment; environmental emissions; economic evaluation; climate data availability; results reporting; validation; and user interfaces, links to other programs, and availability.

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