Skaret E.
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air. Vol.5. Buildings, Ventilation and Thermal Climate. Edited by B Berglund, T Lindvall, J Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, 1984. 15-22, 3 figs, 5 refs.

The paper shows that age analysing techniques are an excellent tool to assess ventilation effectiveness. It is important to differentiate between air exchange effectiveness and contaminant removal effectiveness, having continuous generation of contaminants. Only when a source is homogeneous andpassive, are the age of the air and the contaminants in the room equal. However, the air exchange effectiveness accounts for the removal effectiveness of the contaminant left in the room when the generation stops. Tests reported show how differently air and contaminants can behave in a ventilated room and are consequently an excellent demonstration of the statements.