Asmi A, Koponen I, Keronen P, Pirjola L, Kulmala M
Bibliographic info:
Finland, SIY Indoor Air Information Oy, 2000, proceedings of "Healthy Buildings 2000", held 6-10 August 2000, Espoo, Finland, paper 546

Measurement campaign was conducted in a controlled office environment during January 1999 to get indoor/outdoor ratio for particles less than 0.5 micrometers in diameter. Aerosol concentrations for diameters between 7-500 nanometers were measured simultaneously indoors and outdoors with two DMPS systems. Other continuously measured quantities included temperature, ventilation rate, relative humidity, air pressure and four inorganic gases (S02, NO, NOx and 03). The measured room was practically airtight and had a mechanical ventilation system. A model that incorporates both aerosol dynamics and indoor air parameters has also been created to both analyse the data and test the effect of different indoor parameters to the aerosol concentration and surface accumulation.